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Understand your customers’ behavior, discover new opportunities and immediately increase your sales.
Understand your customers’ behavior, discover new opportunities and immediately increase your sales.
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Soft1 ERP Series 5 is a modern computer software that supports multiple functions of your business.

Whether you have a small retail store or run a large production unit, the Soft1 ERP Series 5 is the right tool, as it successfully adapts to your needs.

With a user-friendly interface and flexible design, the Soft1 ERP Series 5 allows your executives to increase their productivity and execute critical tasks from production and supply chain to sales.

Check out the distribution methods and modules of the Soft1 ERP Series 5 Suite.

Soft1 CRM Series 5 lets you manage the communication with your customers, know instantly the needs as they arise and respond to them faster, while increasing your sales and customer satisfaction.

Keeping in touch with existing and potential customers has never been more effortless. Comfortably manage your company’s marketing campaigns and turn sales opportunities into sales in a quick and efficient way.

Soft1 CRM Series 5 can be totally integrated with Office 365 and Google accounts, offering you the opportunity to access emails, calendar and cloud files from a single point.


The award-winning Soft1 360 app allows you to operate regardless of where you are or what device you are using. Speed Up data collection and update your ERP in real time, as the transaction takes place.

Soft1 360 is the most useful tool for your business executives working on the go as it enables them to have live information and respond immediately to your customers’, suppliers’ and partners’ requests.

We have knowledge of the Soft1 ERP ecosystem, its technologies and the plethora of products and services it can integrate. Our team of developers is able to create software for mobiles and tablets, implement new functions in Soft1, connect third-party applications and online stores and interact with devices and systems.

Using our applications you can quickly receive customers’ orders by tablet with Vsales, support the distribution process with Vprint, improve collection time at your warehouse with Honeybee, quickly import your e-mails (Outlook Add in) and ensure proof of delivery with LynxPOD, always in full integration with your ERP.

Using the Soft1 web services you can achieve full cooperation with your online store and by using the built-in extensions that we develop you can have real-time data from devices (scales, sensors, IoT) and third-party applications (WMS, BI, MRP).

The ultimate goal is to incorporate all the enterprise information in just the Soft1 ERP. That will give you the opportunity to control your whole business from just one central system.

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