IT Services

Information Technology Systems

Having 20 years of experience, we can provide full IT support services and fix technical problems before they affect your business flow. Whether it’s a network installation, hardware suggestion, a call center or storage for your files, Verus+ can provide the most reliable solutions on the market.

  • We manage, with full responsibility, the smooth operation of your company’s information systems.
  • We deal with the problems that arise either with direct phone support or a scheduled visit of a specialist on-site.
  • We stay updated on the latest tech trends and we are ready to fully support your business with the most modern tools.
By transferring your ERP, the operation of your servers or your storage system on the cloud, you reap all the benefits that the cloud offers while you focus only on your business. Let others deal with the daily technical upkeeping.
We have witnessed a 20% increase on employee productivity after providing the appropriate equipment for their work. As official DELL partners, we are trained to design and suggest exactly the solutions your company needs in PCs, Servers and Storage.
The General Data Protection Regulation became enforceable beginning 25 May 2018. At Verus + we have a certified DPO executive from TUV HELLAS. We undertake the projects of contracting a full report and planning the compliance of your business to the regulation.
We reduce the cost of your printing! With two key partnerships (OKI partner, Lexmark Privileged Partner), we provide professional low cost printing solutions (TCO) with up to 5 years of warranty.
We install fully updated Cyber Security software and protect your business from possible cyber-attacks. Verus + ‘s IT department can minimize the risk of exposure and helps your business comply with the European regulations.
Organize your business communication with a 3CX call center. 3CX software is a complete solution with features such as digital receptionist, call waiting, conference call, intercom and instant chat between staff.
The security attacks that threaten your business on a daily basis are constantly evolving. Your protection software should be updated just as often. WatchGuard offers multiple options for secure connection between networks and devices.
We can fully manage the retail sales of your business, from the cash register and the POS to the sales management software.
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