Benefits of Soft1 ERP in the supply chain

Optimal Stock

Maintain optimal stock. Put an end to stock shortages and overstocking.

Cost reduction

Monitor the cost of sales through a number of indicators.

Process automation

Such as automatic supplies based on customer demand

Customer satisfaction

Ensure higher customer satisfaction by ensuring timely delivery of products.

Decision Optimisation

Make better decisions on supplier selection, production planning and stock levels.


Respond flexibly to rising orders and grow your business.


Give the purchasing department a powerful tool to efficiently manage orders to suppliers, monitor the progress of product shipments and instantly control price fluctuations.

With the Soft1 shopping circuit, buyers will be able to:

  1. manage the lists of suppliers
  2. be informed about prices and discounts
  3. request quotations and plan orders
  4. keep track of the estimated date of arrival of stocks at the warehouse
  5. check the credit image of the company towards the supplier
  6. negotiate better, using indicators such as the average repayment period
  7. assess the quality of deliveries and record any shortcomings
  8. have full insight into invoicing and credit on an agreement basis

Warehouse management

Always stay informed about the stock situation and ensure that you don’t have any shortages or products you don’t need.

With Soft1’s warehouse management circuit, all departments of the company will have useful functions such as:

  1. detailed product information such as categories, images and forms
  2. monitoring in multiple units of measurement
  3. recording of the storage location by storage area
  4. inventory balances even at an earlier reporting date
  5. control of shortages and inter-movements between warehouses
  6. management of special characteristics such as batch, serial number and colour – size
  7. cost price monitoring with different methods (annual average, FIFO, monthly, last purchase price)
  8. stock retention statistics and control of turnover rate


Offer your customers excellent service, delivering orders on time and without errors.

With the Soft1 sales circuit, you will be able to:

  1. register products and their variants
  2. set prices and discounts even with complex pricing policies
  3. track sales commissions by applying a combination of parameters such as turnover and receipts
  4. manage offers, contracts and open orders by business unit or project
  5. reduce bad debts through credit control
  6. prepare orders, their packaging and dispatch
  7. manage returns
  8. invoice quickly and easily and send automated notifications to customers about the status of their order.

Satisfies the needs of every department

Warehouse Manager

Guarantee the smooth operation of the entire supply chain. Reduce costs by maintaining optimal stock and serve your customers perfectly with fast product deliveries.

Sales Department

Get instant information about open orders, service time, and product returns. Categorise customers and adjust price lists to increase profitability and turnover.

Purchasing Department

Detailed statistics for order forecasting. Follow the price evolution and be informed about the progress of the order from submission to receipt from the warehouse.

Frequently asked questions about supply chain management

A supply chain management software can benefit your business in the following ways:

  1. Maintaining optimum stock
  2. Cost reduction
  3. Process automation
  4. Customer satisfaction
  5. Decision optimisation
  6. Scalability capabilities

Regardless of the size of the warehouse, the benefits mentioned earlier apply to any business that has inventory. Choosing the right suppliers and transporters, maintaining optimal inventory and fast customer service are critical factors in reducing costs and increasing the company’s revenues. After all, you can choose the most affordable package that includes only the features you absolutely need.

Soft1, like most ERPs on the market, covers all the functions required for supply chain management. What differentiates it from other systems is its ease of use and learning, its scalability, as it can be adapted from a small commercial enterprise to a large industrial one, and its extensibility, such as interoperability with specialized warehouse management systems (WMS).

Soft1 fully covers the traceability needs of products either through LOT management or Serial Numbers tracking.

Initially, the purchasing department can quickly identify supplier cooperation problems through price history checks, reliability of deliveries (agreed delivery time, quantitative and qualitative consistency) and comparison with alternative sources. The sales department, in turn, can reduce the risk of stock shortages and customer non-service through demand forecasting mechanisms. In addition, the warehouse can optimise storage and distribution by minimising the time it takes to collect and dispatch orders. All of the above significantly reduces the risk of major problems occurring throughout the supply chain.

Soft1 supports product tracking by color and size with advanced features such as different prices by feature combination, demand forecasting by driver or by color or by size or a combination of these. Even for special products that require more resolution, it is possible to add a third attribute (e.g. color, size, cup)

Some of the technologies include demand forecasting with artificial intelligence (AI), ensuring transparency with Blockchain technologies and efficient traceability with IoT equipment such as RFIDs.

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