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HR Manager

A top HR Manager deserves the top HRM software that will showcase their potential. Pick Softone's HR applications, automate processes and improve your team's results.


With Soft1 HRMS you'll quickly draw conclusions about team performance accurately and never have to worry about labour law compliance issues again.


Optimise communication and collaboration with your team. Easily pass on requests to management and get an immediate response wherever they are.

Softone HRM: A solution to every need


Through Soft1 HRMS, you can easily manage the leaves of your employees. You can easily assess their performance and understand their training needs. At the same time, you can automatically manage CVs and instantly create a list of suitable candidates. The app puts an end to manual and time-consuming processes and allows employees to focus on the important issues of the company.

Soft1 Payroll

Soft1 Payroll offers automatic compliance with frequent changes in labour, insurance and tax legislation. It is a complete solution for the payroll issue and its flexibility allows it to be adapted to the needs of each company. In addition, it offers full connectivity with time recording devices, as well as with Soft1 HRMS and Soft1 My Workplace. In this way, it helps to unify all personnel management processes.

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Digital Work Card

The Soft1 HRMS and Soft1 Payroll applications fully cover the operational needs of the digital job card, regarding employee arrival and departure data. Furthermore, they are the only solution on the market that ensures the correctness of transmissions to ERGANI II through automated checks.


The Soft1 myWorkplace application evolves the way employees communicate with HR. Through the app, employees can access processes and information such as applying for leave, leave balances, obtaining certificates and participating in evaluations, instantly and securely.

Frequently asked questions about HRM software

HRM (Human Resource Management) is a type of software related to the management of human resources in a company or organization. Tο HRM λογισμικό παρέχει εργαλεία για τη διαχείριση των εργαζομένων, συμπεριλαμβανομένων των διαδικασιών πρόσληψης, εκπαίδευσης, αξιολόγησης απόδοσης, αμοιβών, και άλλων πτυχών που σχετίζονται με τη διαχείριση του προσωπικού.

An HRM software can benefit your business in many ways. such as:

  1. Increase the efficiency of your staff management
  2. Improve communication in your team
  3. Automate your company’s compliance with the legal framework
  4. To help improve decision-making on staff
  5. And make it much easier to manage the data of your employees

Even if your company has few employees, the use of an HRM system can significantly benefit your personnel management, automating processes, improving internal communication and contributing to the training and development of your staff.

Through myWorkplace, communication with HR takes place in real time and from mobile devices.

With the full parametric organizational chart of Soft1 HRMS, supervisors can see in detail and plan the leaves of their department’s employees.

Soft1 Payroll is connected to the ERGANI II information system and automatically exchanges all the necessary data required by the labour legislation.

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