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Now is the time to put away the old commercial software. The speed at which changes occur in the market , require a comprehensive solution that will transform your business processes and help you make smarter decisions. Soft1 ERP is the most modern business software and Verus+ adapts it to your needs.

Why you should trust Soft1 ERP


Soft1 incorporates innovative technologies and turns them into tools that simplify users' everyday lives.


Soft1 improves productivity by connecting processes, data and relationships with customers and suppliers in one place.


Soft1 offers high levels of security to keep your business data protected and always available.


Soft1 evolves with the business either by integrating new functions or by integrating with other systems.

The capabilities of Soft1

Supply chain

Optimal stock

Keep only as much stock as you need through sales forecasting. Order early to the supplier to ensure that your customer is always well served.

Warehouse Management

Separate stock by storage area and help staff collect orders quickly and without error. Change the pickup process and manage special features such as colour and size.

Purchases and Sales

Leverage the flow from provisioning to invoicing to get full control of procurement and sales. Use all the information and figures to support your decisions.


Effective sales

Track the whole sales cycle and customer interaction. Speed up the process from offer to collection with a single, unified CRM/ERP system

Managing opportunities

Identify sales opportunities and apply predefined steps to manage them. Evaluate the outcome and redesign the customer experience.

Outward-facing campaigns

Segment the market and run targeted campaigns. Reach the right people through a comprehensive list of contacts.


Cash Flow

Full control of payments and collections with the possibility of updating receivables and debts.

Expenditure control

Enter the expenditure of the enterprise in detail. Get a clear picture of your cost centres and improve your profitability.

Banking transactions

Integrated banking functions for sending remittances to suppliers and easy identification of deposits from customers



Detailed costing of production both on the basis of reservations and other indirect cost centres

Production planning

Use sales orders to organize the supply of raw materials and production planning

Industry 4

Integration of the production process with sensors and machines. Collecting data from Internet of Things (IoT) devices and using them for quality control of manufactured products

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Soft1 Value Plus

CRM Express


το μήνα για ένα χρήστη

  • Supply chain
  • Financial Management
  • CRM
  • Reporting Tools
  • Electronic Invoicing Capability
  • Connection with MyData
Soft1 Express

Value Plus


το μήνα για ένα χρήστη

  • General Accounting
  • Supply chain
  • Financial Management
  • CRM
  • Electronic Invoicing Capability
  • Connection with MyData

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