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Now is the time to put away the old commercial software. The speed of change in the market , require a comprehensive solution that will transform your business processes and help you make smarter decisions. Soft1 ERP is the most modern business software and Verus+ adapts it to your needs.

Why you should trust Soft1 ERP


Soft1 incorporates innovative technologies and turns them into tools that simplify users' everyday lives.


Soft1 improves productivity by connecting processes, data and relationships with customers and suppliers in one place.


Soft1 offers high levels of security to keep your business data protected and always available.


Soft1 evolves with the business either by integrating new functions or by integrating with other systems.

The capabilities of Soft1

Optimal stock

Keep only as much stock as you need through sales forecasting. Order early to the supplier to ensure that you always serve your customer perfectly.

Warehouse Management

Separate stock by storage area and help staff collect orders quickly and without error. Change the pickup process and manage special features such as colour and size.

Purchases and Sales

Leverage the flow from provisioning to invoicing to get full control of procurement and sales. Use all the information and figures to support your decisions.


Softone's HRM offers a complete payroll solution. It adapts immediately to the frequent changes in labour and insurance legislation and ensures the legal operation of the company.


With myWorkplace, your employees will have quick access to processes and information such as requesting leave, leave balances, obtaining certificates and participating in assessments.

Digital Work Card

With Soft1 HRMS you directly cover all the requirements of the digital work card. It is the only solution on the market that ensures the correctness of transmissions to ERGANI through automated checks.

Cash Flow

Full control of payments and collections with the possibility of updating receivables and debts.

Expenditure control

Enter the expenditure of the enterprise in detail. Get a clear picture of your cost centres and improve your profitability.

Banking transactions

Integrated banking functions for sending remittances to suppliers and easy identification of deposits from customers


Detailed costing of production both on the basis of reservations and other indirect cost centres

Production planning

Use sales orders to organize the supply of raw materials and production planning

Industry 4

Integration of the production process with sensors and machines. Collecting data from Internet of Things (IoT) devices and using them for quality control of manufactured products

Effective sales

Track the whole sales cycle and customer interaction. Speed up the process from offer to collection with a single, unified CRM/ERP system

Managing opportunities

Identify sales opportunities and apply predefined steps to manage them. Evaluate the outcome and redesign the customer experience.

Outward-facing campaigns

Segment the market and run targeted campaigns. Reach the right people through a comprehensive list of contacts.

Create an eshop

With Shopranos you can create an impressive e-shop, fully integrated with Soft1 ERP, without the high costs of programming, in just a few hours.

E-shop management

Manage your e-shop easily. Quickly browse and edit your e-shop pages and product information. Get the full picture with detailed statistics and a link to Google Analytics.

Artificial Intelligence

Leverage innovative AI features and quickly create content for products and for your online store's blog.

Why choose Verus+

You gain a reliable partner

You don’t just get a software. You gain a strategic partner who is working towards the same goal as you: the development of your business. We are always next to you and solve any problem or question that arises.

You unlock infinite capabilities

With Verus+, restrictions are a thing of the past. Even if you have a highly specialized need that is not fully covered by Soft1, we have an experienced team of programmers and can develop the right solution, fully integrating it with the ERP.

You get access to timely information

We are committed to providing you with timely information on new obligations (e.g. digital card, e-invoicing) and trends (e.g. Artificial Intelligence, Industry 4) so that you can avoid fines and penalties and stay ahead of the competition.

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Frequently asked questions about Soft1 ERP

  1. Maximizing efficiency
  2. Increased productivity
  3. Data and process consolidation
  4. Optimising communication and cooperation
  5. Cost reduction
  6. Increase in profitability
  7. Upgrading your workflows
  8. Easy scalability

Soft1 ERP unifies all the data and processes of the company. This makes it easier for departments to work together, increasing productivity.

At the same time, through automation and innovative functions, it automates critical, time-consuming processes, thus saving valuable time and money for the company.

It digitizes business processes, transforming workflows and maximizing their efficiency.

With detailed statistical reports, you get a complete picture of your company and can make better forecasts, optimizing your decision-making.

At the same time, it offers direct access to necessary information about the company, staff, production, suppliers, and customers. With this information, you can take targeted actions with speed.

All of the above results in lower costs, increased productivity and profitability.

Soft1 ERP is the easiest to use software on the market. Its design is user-friendly and easy to learn. Still, Verus+ offers full training until you are comfortable using the software. Then, we stay by your side at all times to support you as needed.

The duration of the project depends solely on the complexity of your company’s requirements. A simple installation may take 2-3 weeks, while a difficult installation with a lot of configuration may take 6 months.

The cost of installing Soft1 ERP depends on the needs to be met, which vary significantly from company to company. If you contact us, we will analyze your needs and then we will be able to give you a realistic estimate of the cost and implementation time.

First, contact us to analyze your processes and determine exactly what your needs are. We can then give you a realistic estimate of installation time and costs. If you accept our offer, we start the implementation immediately and incorporate the feedback you give us along the way. Upon completion of the project, we test the installation thoroughly to ensure its proper operation and train you in the use of the software. After the end of the project, we remain at your side for anything you need.

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