Redefining productivity with Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 delivers the popular Office suite along with powerful cloud services in a single environment, accessible from anywhere and highly secure. From traditional Excel to the Teams communication platform, Microsoft 365 is coming to change the way we work today.

Upgrade your level of collaboration with Microsoft 365

The new era in the business environment makes effective collaboration and communication imperative. With Microsoft 365, your executives have powerful tools at their disposal to work smart and flexibly. With well-known programs such as Word, combined with a leading email service and cloud storage, the company is able to collaborate and communicate with its executives and partners in a modern and secure environment.

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of small and medium enterprises use cloud services for one or more business processes (source: Gartner 2022)

What Microsoft 365 includes

Microsoft 365 includes Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Outlook, an Exchange Online email account of 50GB or more, 1TB of storage on One Drive, the Sharepoint content sharing platform and the Teams collaboration app

Plans and prices for annual subscription

Microsoft 365
Business Basic

5,60 € per user/month

Best for businesses that need to collaborate via Teams and store files in the cloud. Office for desktops is not included.

Microsoft 365
Business Standard

11,70 € per user/month

Ideal for businesses that need Office on all devices without restrictions on online services. Microsoft Access for desktops is included

Microsoft 365
Business Premium

20,60 € per user/month

For businesses that need what is included in the Business Standard package, but require increased protection against cyber-attacks.

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Accelerating digital transformation with Microsoft Azure!

Innovate, improve your business operations and customer experience with flexibility and scalability with Microsoft Azure cloud services

Universal or hybrid, Azure is the next move

Whether you are just starting your business or want to take the next step in modernizing your company, moving to the cloud is a must. The architectures offered by Azure can satisfy both those who want their entire infrastructure in Microsoft’s datacenters and those who want to gradually transition and migrate certain services by adopting a hybrid model.

As an example, a company could start by integrating a backup service with Azure Backup and end up moving the entire servers to virtual machines (VMs).

Microsoft Azure can cover all types of cloud computing (Infrastructure as a Service – IaaS, Platform as a Service – PaaS, Software as a Service – SaaS) as well as their hybrid combination with on-premises infrastructure.

Check out some of Azure’s capabilities and contact us here to analyze your needs together!

Virtual Machines (VMs)

Transfer their servers to Virtual Machines and get rid of the cost of owning a physical machine. Save time since a VM can be up and running in seconds. The most common operating systems and software such as Windows, Linux, Oracle, SQL Server are supported.


Recover quickly from an incident that affects your data and infrastructure. You can back up Windows Servers and Clients, Hyper-V, and standalone file folders. With 99.9% availability and the assurance that copies are kept in a secure location outside your company.

File storage

With Storage Account you have a space in the cloud that can store data regardless of its volume. The service is synchronized with the file structure you have in your company and ensures access from everywhere. Save video, audio, images and keep snapshots in the past for easy retrieval.

Web applications

Rapidly develop Web Apps without having to worry about hosting and infrastructure maintenance. From now on, no technical requirement will stand in the way as Azure App Service meets the specifications for scalability, security and availability. Choose between GitHub, Azure DevOps or another Git repo to upload your code.


Whether it concerns relational databases or new NoSQL structures, Azure can meet the needs of any demanding application. Cosmos DB is a NoSQL, high performance and highly scalable service with simultaneous support for the ER model. In addition, you can transfer your ERP data to an SQL Server in the cloud without performance limitations.

Artificial intelligence

Leverage artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to automate processes and free up productive time. From automatic document entry with Form Recognizer to object recognition in images with Computer Vision, you can simplify data analysis.