At Verus+ we focus on the essence rather than the forms.

We want to provide solutions that work, fast, instead of giving you endless pages of documentation. Our people work closely with you beyond strict contracts and procedures. It is in our nature to respond immediately to changes and rather than follow tight time schedules.

At Verus + we are passionate about the results.

Soft1 ERP is our specialty. We analyze your needs, we understand your business and we take advantage of the Soft1 ERP ecosystem to build a platform especially for you.
Our Consultants have years of experience working on the Soft1 Suite, its technologies and the plethora of products and services it can integrate. We opt for the right modules, we integrate with third party systems and we develop solutions from scratch in order to deliver exactly what your company needs.

When basic software cannot live up to your needs, we develop apps from scratch and help you achieve your business goals.

Cooperation with industry leading organizations allows us to take industry best practice and apply it so that your application is scaled, adapted and connected to the software and devices that your model requires.

Whether our code is for smartphones and tablets, or integrated systems and business processes, our target remains the same: quality in every step of the application we produce

From the accounting PC to the Computer Room and from your local network to the Cloud we will be by your side.

With our technical department we support you remotely or on site. With our selected partners, we provide cutting-edge products and services to lead you to the next day of the digital revolution.

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Is your business unique? Your business software should be too.