Custom Software

Urban Tree Risk Management

The challenge: The Allied Cemetery Committee (CWGC) has to assess & manage the hazards of thousands of trees in various parts of Greece and Balkans.

The solution: We used technologies in the cloud (Azure), Internet of Things (IoT, RFID tags) & the Microsoft .NET platform to provide a unified tool for both managerial positions and rural staff.

Benefits: Thousands of trees are estimated in real time against risk through a web application. Each tree has its own identity (rfid tag) so that rural staff can easily identify it via mobile phone. In addition, the requirements of the international standards are in line with a detailed form (ISA form).

Website for the wetlands of Greece

The challenge: The emergence of wetlands in Greece and the simultaneous provision of a management tool for the involved organizations and the scientists.

The solution: A web application that displays geographic and descriptive information to citizens while providing the appropriate management tools to scientists. Utilized HTML / CSS / JavaScript technologies, Google Maps, Web GIS and the SQL Server Database to host the big data.

The benefits: Citizens can use any device to locate wetlands and be informed with statistical information. Scientists have a central database of geospatial and non-geospatial data, tracking the evolution of ecosystems over time.

Supplier Order Forecast

The challenge: ordering the optimal quantity of hundreds of products in color and size with the minimum possible involvement of the shopping department.

The solution: Development of an internal application in Soft1 (in process/C#) where based on user’s choices, statistical analysis is performed, information is collected from various sources (ERP, WMS) and the suggested order quantity is calculated. The user processes the final quantities and automatically creates the order document.

The benefits: The time of searching information & creating the order was dramatically reduced, as a result, the purchasing department could evaluate better the needs for products. The process of ordering evolved into a decision-making process as the buyer may have various forecast scenarios & control inventory volume under different conditions.