Soft1 Solutions

E-shop Interface

Would you like an updated E-Shop with the right stocks at all times? Would you prefer your orders to come automatically to your ERP system? Do you prefer to update and control a single system? We have already implemented all this and even more to our customers in various industries. We utilize and make full use of Soft1 Web Services for the exchange of information in real time observing all the rules of security and data protection.

By automating Eshop – ERP communication, your business will be able to reduce the data entry time and give the opportunity to your executives to be more creative & productive. On the other hand, the users of your online store will always have the information they need in a timely and reliable manner.

By using Web Services, we can deal with even the most specialized needs such as product management in color and size, the integration of functions in a group of companies and the development of a B2B platform.


A WMS is ready to organize your warehouse without complicated procedures. Your personnel collect customer orders quickly and with accuracy while control & receive merchandise from the suppliers. We, at Verus +, ensure to capture this information through easy processes on Soft1 ERP. Honeybee is an android warehouse management application, which complements the functions of Soft1 and maximizes its benefits, helping to increase staff productivity.



Your executives are at external services but constantly exchanging data is vital to their efficiency? Is it necessary a delivery proof of orders to your customers? Lynx Proof of Delivery does just that. An application for android devices, allows the distributors of your business to send delivery receipts back to the central erp system on time.



Sales are the heart of any successful business. Would you prefer taking orders paperless? Would you like to support your sellers with a “tool” that they can access the central updated directory at any time & any place? Would you rather your executives place orders quick & easy from an android device they always have with them? Whether they have Internet access or not? Vsales is the tool in the hands of your sellers to receive orders easily, to be informed about stocks and prices, to provide information to their customer. At Vsales we pay attention to minimize the time which the seller search the products even in case that is overloaded & to the offline operation even in areas with limited access on internet.